It is an exciting time when kids start growing up. In no time, they’ll be riding the waves like a pro and they might even do it better than us. There is no shortage of child protégés in the world of surfing. And no matter if you’re looking for a surfboard to get your child into physical exercise or if you’re training the next Kelly Slater (who started at the age of 6!!); picking the right surfboard for kids is absolutely essential.

While it seems like an easy task, choosing a surfboard for kids requires all the same expertise and consideration of criteria as one for an adult. A complex surfboard with difficult handling will not only ruin your kids’ confidence, but also make their entire experience less fun. No one became a pro overnight, and so what is most important is to give your child some time to grow and really start loving the sport and their board. A surfboard for kids is ideally extra wide for easier balance and comes with a leash in the box.  We’ve done the hard part for you and compiled a list of the best kids surfboards in the market for you.

Our Top 20 Kids Surfboards for 2021:





BZ Blackball Shortboard

55 Inches


Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard

5 Foot 10 Inches


California Board Co. Foam Fish Surfboard

6 Foot 2 Inches


Thurso Surf Lancer Soft Top Fish Surfboard

5 Foot 10 Inches


Rock It Shortbus Soft Top Surfboard

7 Foot


Rock It Chub Twin Fin Surfboard

4 Foot 10 Inches


BZ Soft Top Surfboard

5 Foot 5 Inches


Paragon Mini Simmons Foamie Surfboard

5 Foot 6 Inches


North Gear Thruster Foam Surfboard

6 Foot


Giantex Soft Top Surfboard

6 Foot


Catch Surf Wave Bandit Performer Surfboard

4 Foot 10 Inches


Bodyglove Soft Surfboard

8 Foot


Formula Fun Fish Shortboard

5 Foot 3 Inches


Wavestorm Swallow Tail Surfboard

5 Foot 6 Inches


South Bay Board Co. Ruccus Surfboard

7 Foot


Wavestorm Classic Pinline Surfboard

8 Foot


Boardworks Forth Shortboard

5 Foot


Thurso Aero Soft Top Surfboard

7 Foot


Raystreak Soft Top Surfboard

7 Foot 2 Inches


South Bay Board Co.

Guppy Surfboard

6 Foot



Here is more in-depth information on the Best Surfboards for Kids for 2021:


BZ Blackball 55” Shortboard

For children 5 and under, the BZ blackball is probably THE best surfboard for kids available. One of the smallest surfboards lengthwise, the BZ Blackball was made with compactness and lightweight in mind. A tough EPS foam core is surrounded by a cool brightly colored design. It also comes with dual stringers and a squash tail for wonderful maneuverability.




  •         Very light and easy to carry at only 5.06 lbs
  •         Board is 55 inches long x 19.31 inches wide x 2.55 thick
  •         HDPE slick bottom
  •         EPS core
  •         Maximum weight is 180 pounds or 80 kgs
  •         Squash tail
  •         Dual stringers

Who makes the BZ Blackball 55” Shortboard?

BZ was started by one of the true legends of surfboard production, Bobby Szabad. Bobby was one of the first backyard factory workers of the creator of the bodyboard, Tom Morey. He eventually left to start his own brand and that was BZ. BZ boards are thus made from years of experience and are highly regarded for their aesthetics and durability.

  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Durable Body Core Made from EPS

  • Fun and Eye Catching Design

  • Squash Tail Gives Great Maneuverability.

  • Hard to Control in Rough Seas


Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard

Attractive aesthetics, a split tail, and a rounded nose makes the Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard almost look more like a fish than an actual fish! Extra maneuverability in smaller waves means it has all the tools to make your kid fall in love with it. With a durable broad body and removable fins, the board is made to resist high wear and tear and it’s a surfboard for kids that provides great control!




  •         41 Liter volume
  •         Fish Foamie with 5’10” length
  •         Dimensions 5’10” x 21″, Nose 15″
  •         Tail is 11” wide and 2.8” thick
  •         Includes Leash Plug
  •         Durable Core Material
  •         90 Day Consumer use Warranty

Who makes the Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard?

Liquid Shredder is a subsidiary brand of Soft Surfboard Inc. is a Family Owned company founded in 2000 by the famous Scott McClain. Scott’s first boards were made in 1999 and have only gotten better since. Experience, technology and a lot of research! Liquid Shredder has all the traits of a great manufacturer!

  • Unique and Cool Design

  • Rigid Construction

  • Broad Body Provides Extra Buoyancy

  • Very Comfortable

  • Durable and Surprisingly Fast

  • Leash Not Included


California Board Company 6’2” Foam Fish Surfboard

A true short foam board, the California Board Company 6’2” Sushi Fish is made for children weighing up to 121 lbs or 55 kg. The 6’2” Fish is made for absolute beginners but isn’t a bad choice for intermediary surfers either. California Board Company goes for components that are completely heat laminated, and the 6’2” is no different. This surfboard for kids consists of a heat laminated IXPE deck, laminated HDPE slick bottom and an EPS waterproof core. While the fish tail is certainly a lovable aesthetic, the board also comes with a great tri fin system.




  • Board Weight is 7.5 lbs or 3.4 kg
  • 48 Liter Volume
  • Supports Surfers up to Weight of 175 lbs or 79 kg
  • Board Dimensions are 6’2” x 22” x 3”
  • 3 Heat Laminated Multi-Layered Wood Stringers
  • IXPE Deck or XPE Deck
  • Great Maneuverability

Who makes the California Board Company 6’2” Foam Fish Surfboard?

California Board Company is a subsidiary of Keeper Sports Products, LLC. The company currently operates out of Vista California. The company started in September 2008 and is run by a group of passionate, surf-hungry friends. They pride themselves in making high quality retail products that they sell to loyal customers at fair and affordable prices.

  • Very Durable

  • Small and Compact

  • Heat Laminated Strong Construction

  • Very Maneuverable

  • Easy Water Entry

  • Fun Design

  • Fins Make it a Bit More Sluggish


Thurso Surf Lancer 5’10” Soft Top Fish Surfboard

If your child is looking to get into twin fin surfboards, the Thurso Surf Lancer 5’10’ soft top fish surfboard should be high up on your surfboard for kids list. It has a swallow tail design, meaning you’ll have a lot of control over your board on every wave. This awesome surfboard for kids also comes with a bunch of accessories, meaning there’ll be no need to fork out tons of cash for extras.




  •         34 Liter Volume
  •         5’10” Length
  •         Twin Fin System
  •         Supports Surfers up to 200 lbs or 90 kg
  •         Dimensions are 5’10” x 20″ x 2.75″
  •         High Density EPS Core
  •         Heat Laminated HDPE Slick Bottom
  •         Durable IXPE Deck
  •         Two Wood Stringers

Who makes the Thurso Surf Lancer 5’10’ soft top fish surfboard?

Founded by Shenglong You, Thurso has one specific goal- high quality at low prices. Made by a team of passionate young researchers, materials used in Thurso boards are high quality and go through intense research before being put on the market.

  • Durable and Lightweight

  • Designed for stability and glide

  • Fins and Leash Provided

  • Waxing Needed to Gain Good Grip


Rock It Shortbus 7′ Soft Top Surfboard

For teenagers looking to get into the surf scene, the slightly larger Shortbus 7’ soft top surfboard is the best debut surfboard for kids. The Shortbus is a mid-size foamie that weighs in at around 72 liter in volume and provides essential durability. A unique design wraps around a completely environmentally friendly board. If that isn’t enough, it also comes with 3x removable performance fins and a sea camo zebra striped HDPE slick bottom.




  • 72 Liter Volume
  • Board Dimensions are: 84″ x 22″ x 3”
  • UV Resistant Top Layer
  • Maximum Surfer Weight up to 165 lbs or 75 kgs
  • HDPE Slick Bottom
  • 3x Fins

Who makes the Rock It Shortbus 7’ Soft Top Surfboard?

Rock it Shortbus is operated under Rock it Surf, founded by Nick Naylor and based in Virginia Beach in VA. Not only are Rock it boards completely environmentally friendly, Nick also pledges that 2% of their profits will go to humanitarian causes.

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • UV Resistant

  • Unique Design

  • Doesn’t Perform Well with Heavier Surfers


Rock-It Chub Twin Fin Surfboard

The Shortbus’s younger brother, the Chub is relatively smaller at about 4’10” in length. The attractive design comes with dual stringers, giving you some extra edge while gliding through those waves. The twin fins mounted give you some extra maneuverability and a LOT of extra speed.



  •         35 Liter Volume
  •         Dimensions are 4’10” x 19.5″ x 2.5″
  •         Black & White Sea Camo Zebra Striped Bottom
  •         Dual Stringer System
  •         Twin Fins
  •         Maximum Weight is 150 lbs or 68 kg

Who makes the Rock-It Chub Twin Fin Surfboard?

Rock It is a company that specializes in making surfboards for kids and beginners. Based in Virginia in VA, Rock it boards are completely environmentally friendly, founder Nick Naylor also pledges that 2% of their profits will go to humanitarian causes.

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Unique and Fun Design

  • UV Resistant

  • Dual Stringers

  • Not Ideal for Wake Surfers


BZ 6ft Soft Top Surfboard

The BZ 6ft is a slight variant of the 5’5” blackball. This 6” Soft top board is made specially for teenagers as the 5’5” might feel a bit congested for growing bodies. A 6’ board will also ensure that this board lasts for a few years and your child doesn’t just grow out of it. This board, although a bit harder to control, provides better handling in rough situations and comes with all the pros of it’s smaller counterpart.




  • Soft Deck Skin Provides Durability
  • Heat Laminated EPS
  • Squash Tail Shape
  • Solid Wood Stringers
  • FCS Tri-Fin System
  • Great Stability

 Who makes the BZ 6ft Soft Top Surfboard?

BZ was started by Bobby Szabad who was one of the first backyard factory workers of Tom Morey, who invented the first bodyboard. BZ boards are highly regarded in the market as aesthetically wonderful and they are very durable for their price.

  • Lightweight but Tough

  • Soft and Stable

  • FCS Tri-fin System

  • Leash Included

  • Squash Tail Gives Great Maneuverability.

  • Bland Body Design


Paragon 5’6” Mini Simmons Foamie Surfboard

If you’re looking for a small surfboard to get your child into surfing, you’re going to be looking for a board that above all, looks fun to ride. Even though the Mini Simmons caters to all experience levels, this board is compact, fun and an overall great experience for beginners. The front third of the board is flat, meaning the board almost transitions to a double concave one.




  • 36 Liter Volume
  • Top Deck and Rails are Vacuum Sealed with EVA Foam.
  • Body Dimensions are 5’6″x 20.25″x 2.5″
  • Hand-Shaped Epoxy Core
  • Wood Stringer
  • Hexcel Cloth and Epoxy Resin Finish
  • Supports Surfers up to 180 lbs or 80 kgs

Who makes the Paragon 5’6” Mini Simmons Foamie Surfboard?

Paragon surfboards used to be a small business that started out with a group of friends who started selling only through closer circles. Paragon boards are made from surfer experience and loads of innovations taking in input of surfers from Baja Mexico to the rest of Central America.

  • Double Concave Design Gives Unique Finish

  • High Quality EVA Foam Seal

  • Great Board For All Skill Levels

  • Fun Looking Board

  • Doesn’t Perform Well in Rough Seas


North Gear 6’ Thruster Foam Surfboard

A surfboard that comes from a reputable company which has vibrant designs, the Thruster Foam 6’ is a board you can never go wrong with. This board is durable and a great choice for all skill levels, meaning you will not need to swap out boards as your child gets better. An ultra lightweight board, this also comes with a bunch of removable accessories, which include a  leash, fins & traction pad.



  •         Durable Foam Top
  •         Board Dimensions are 71.7″ x 19.7″ x 3″
  •         Great for All Skill Levels
  •         PP Hard Slick Bottom
  •         Removable Accessories: Fins, Leash and a Traction Pad
  •         Removable Fins

Who makes the North Gear 6’ Thruster Foam Surfboard?

A reputable name in the world of surfboards and sports in general, North Gear makes surfboards that are recognizable internationally and have a great reputation. While the name says it all, North Gear surfboards are designed after years of hard work through years of research and experience.

  • Attractive and Fun Design

  • Thick and Durable Fins

  • 60/40 Rails

  • Can Handle Up to 4 Foot Waves

  • Needs Waxing


Giantex 6’ Soft Top Surfboard

Designed specifically for children under the age of 10, the Giantex 6′ is a soft-top version of a standard traditional shortboard. The board has a maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs, so keep in mind that your child will grow out of it over time. The core of the board is made of strong and durable EPS foam and the bottom is moulded from Polypropylene (PP). The package includes a leash and fins. The board also has a wide surface area that provides great buoyancy and stability.




  • Board Weight 5 lbs or 2.27 kgs
  • Maximum Weight Capacity is 100 lbs or 45 kgs
  • Board Dimensions are 6’ x 20” x 3”
  • Removable Fins
  • EPS Waterproof and Durable Core
  • Polypropylene (PP) Bottom for Better Gliding
  • Wide Rail Surface Area for Great Stability

Who makes the Giantex 6’ Soft Top Surfboard?

Although Giantex is not a traditional surfboard company, they are a leading Service-centric e-retailer in North America. They are known for producing fairly priced products that protect the pocket of the consumer and the Giantex 6’ is no different.

  • Designed For Children

  • Leash Included

  • Lightweight and Fun Design

  • Budget Friendly

  • Prone to Scratches


Catch Surf Wave Bandit Performer 4’10” Soft Top Surfboard

The Catch Surf Wave Bandit Performer Twin is a wonderful multi-task board. It comes with a rounded nose and a square tail. This board is specifically made for kids who already have received some surfing lessons, and willing to take their skills to the next level. As it is suitable for taking tighter turns and riding steeper waves, your surfing enthusiast kid will find it very amusing. 



  •          Board Weight 8.38 lbs or 3.8 kgs
  •         Board Dimensions are 59 x 20 x 5 inches
  •         Aesthetic Vintage Design
  •         Custom Template and Rocker
  •         Twin Fin System (4.5” Fins)
  •         Functional Without Fins
  •         Square Tail

Who makes it the Catch Surf Wave Bandit Performer Soft Top Surfboard?

Catch Surf is a brand that operates under the Catch Surfboard Co. Operated by a bunch of really cool people, Catch provides a wide range of beach and board accessories. Their products have great market reputation and are known for their great bang for buck factor.

  • 4.5” Keel Dual Fins

  • Fun Shape and Vintage Design

  • Versatile and Durable

  • Handles Tighter Turns Well

  • Ideal for Steeper Waves

  • Requires Surf Wax for Grip


Bodyglove 8′ Soft Surfboard

The Body Glove Soft Surfboard comes in three different sizes, with the largest size mostly prescribed for adults or older teens. The body of the board itself is wonderfully textured, meaning zero to very little waxing is needed to gain grip on the board. The board itself is aerodynamically designed and comes with 3 stringers for great stability. A WBS top deck and a slick bottom ensures great gliding experience.




  •         Traditional Textured Design
  •         Tri Fin System
  •         WBS Top Deck
  •         Slick Bottom
  •         Very Easy to Control
  •         Requires Little Waxing

Who makes the Bodyglove 8′ Soft Surfboard?

This specific board is made by body glove, a leading beach apparel and accessory creator The company itself found it’s humble beginnings at the hands of California lifeguards Bill and Bob Meistrell. The company pledges allegiance to nurturing people’s passion in and out of the water.

  • Textured Design Means No Waxing Needed

  • Tri Fin System with Great Stability

  • Easy to Handle

  • Awkward Fin-Leash Attachment


Formula Fun Shortboard Fish 5’3″ Soft Surfboard

One of the biggest concerns of choosing surfboards for kids is, they don’t last very long. However, if you can get your kids a durable, yet light surfboard, then you have that part covered. The Formula Fun Shortboard Fish 5’3″ surfboard is such an option. Unlike regular foam surfboards, it is made of copolymer foam, a much more durable and lighert component than wax. When your kids will grow up and choose longer surfboards, you don’t have to waste it as well because it is highly recyclable. 



  •         Weighs 11 lbs or 5 kgs
  •         42 Liter Volume
  •         Board Dimensions are 21 x 4 x 63 inches
  •         Copolymer Foam
  •         No Resin Required
  •         Molded Stringer System
  •         2+1 Fin Setup
  •         EVA Traction Pad

Who makes the Formula Fun Shortboard Fish 5’3″ Soft Surfboard?

Formula Fun is a reputed US based company that specializes in manufacturing top quality surfboards and surfing accessories. This company focuses a lot on environment friendly products, and tries to make sure every single foam surfboard they produce is recyclable. Their product factory is situated at Salt Lake City, Utah, while the distribution point is located at Huntington Beach, California. 

  • Very durable

  • Lightweight 

  • 2+1 Fin System

  • Suitable for Beginners

  • A Bit Expensive


Wavestorm 5’6” Original New Modern Swallow Tail Surfboard

The Wavestorm 5’6” is the ideal beginners’ shortboard and excels at performing as exactly that. A scaled down version of the 8’ classic, the Swallow Tail comes in a child friendly design that helps your child get into surfing with a very stable experience. This model features reinforced fin-plug inserts to act as a water barrier and is a great choice for children.



  • 39 Litre Volume
  • Board dimensions 5’6”x 21” x 2.75”
  • Textured Body – No Waxing Needed
  • Board Weight is 4.8 lbs or 2.2 kgs
  • 4mm EBS- IXL Elastomer Barrier
  • 3 x 4.5” Bolt-Thru Fin Set
  • Wavestorm Swivel PE Leash Included

Who makes the Wavestorm 5’6” Original New Modern Swallow Tail Surfboard?

Wavestorm is one of the first surfboard manufacturers to produce the foam top surfboard. The company makes fun and stable boards that are targeted towards everyone from beginners to bona fide pros. Wavestorm is a brand subsidiary of AGIT Global and has board designers and shapers who hail from all over the US.

  • No Wax Needed

  • Marine Ply Stringers Provide Durability

  • Well Performing Water Barrier

  • Great Stability

  • Limited Maneuverability

South Bay Board Company 7’ Ruccus Soft Top Surfboard

Another one of South Bay Board Company’s great surfboards is the Ruccus 7’ Soft Top. Weighing it at only 10lbs, this board was made for lighter surfers and thus is a great choice for teenagers. Designed with a squash tail and a narrow pointed nose which gives the Ruccus 7’ some  extra maneuverability. The body is IXPE foam coated with awesome fingerprint style, meaning no waxing will be needed. However, this board does have a somewhat high skill floor, meaning some experience is recommended.



  • Board weight is 10 lbs or 4.5 kgs
  • Board Dimensions are 7’ x 22″ x 2.85″
  • Wax-less Deck
  • Squash Tail Gives Great Maneuverability
  • Narrow and Pointed Nose for Efficient Glide

Who makes South Bay Board Company 7’ Ruccus Soft Top Surfboard?

Both the 6’ Guppy and the Ruccus comes from the house of the South Bay Board Co based in Los Angeles, California. The company has custom designed every part of the surfboard as a specialized, SBBC only experience and thus have great user reviews.

  • Lightweight and Durable

  • Wax-less Deck

  • Great Maneuverability

  • Stable and Tough

  • Hard to Learn for Beginners


Wavestorm 8′ Classic Pinline Soft Top Surfboard

A longboard made especially for children, the Wavestorm 8’ Classic Pinline Surfboard comes with a durable EPS core and three marine plywood stringers giving the board great resilience. The High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottom ensures that the board shape is rigid. This board was designed as a training board, and thus has performance issues when in rough waters. This is recommended as a starter board.



  •         86 Liter Volume
  •         Board Weight is 11.5 lbs or 5.2 kgs
  •         Board Dimensions are  8′ x 22 ½” x 3 ¼”
  •         WBS-IXL Top Deck
  •         HDPE Slick Bottom
  •         Beautiful Graphic Art Deck

Who makes the Wavestorm 8′ Classic Pinline Soft Top Surfboard?

Wavestorm is one of the icons of the foam top surfboard trends. The company’s motto from day one has been to build boards that are fun and durable. Wavestorm is a brand subsidiary of AGIT Global and has board designers and shapers who hail from all over the US. The company has a rich history of providing the best value boards in the market.

  • Textured Skin and Pad for Great Traction

  • Easy to Use

  • Fun Design

  • Great Glide

  • Great for Light Children

  • Doesn’t Perform Great with Heavier Surfers


Boardworks 5′ Froth Soft Top Shortboard

The Boardworks 5’ Forth Shortboard is made as a trainer board. It excels at riding through smaller two to four feet waves with ease. Targeted towards children and amateur riders, it comes in a fun egg shaped body that ensures that your child will love it. The outer skin is EVA and the skin encloses a fully waterproof EPS core.



  • 30 Liter Volume
  • Body Dimensions are 5’0’’ x 21.05”
  • Durable EPS Core
  • EVA Outer Skin
  • Fun Egg Shaped Design

Who makes the Boardworks 5’ Forth Shortboard?

Originating in around the 90th century, Boardworks has evolved into one of the top Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and surf companies worldwide today. The team is known for redesigning it’s boards constantly to stay ahead of the curve. Reviews point to constant production of innovative and top of the line boards that never go out of style.

  • Fun Egg Shaped

  • Outer Skin is EVA Glass

  • Full EPS Body is Waterproof

  • Easy To Get Used To

  • Not Great for Experienced Surfers


Thurso Aero 7’ Soft Top Surfboard

The recipe for a perfect entry level surfboard for kids is a design focus on stability, durability and glide of the board. The Thurso Aero 7’ is all that and more.  The board is packaged with three wood stringer and an IXPE deck. This surfboard is made for surfers of 210 lbs or less which means that even older teens can learn to surf on this board. It comes with three fins, 6′ high-end double stainless steel swivels and a triple rail saver ankle leash made with strong recycled plastic.



  • Board Dimensions are 7′ x 21.5″ x 3.5″
  • Board Weighs 7 lbs or 3.2 kgs
  • Maximum Surfer Weight is 210 lbs or 95 kgs
  • Durable IXPE Deck
  • Three Wood Stringers

 Who makes the Thurso Aero 7’ Soft Top Surfboard?

Founded by Shenglong You, Thurso has one specific goal- high quality at low prices. According to company procedures, materials used in Thurso boards are high quality and go through years of intense research before being tested out on their boards.

  • Lightweight Board

  • Extremely Durable

  • Provides Great Stability and Glide

  • Great Starter Board

  • Reports of Faulty Screws on Delivery


Raystreak 7’2” Soft Top Surfboard

Made to compete with SBCC’s boards, the Raystreak 7’2” is a great beginners’ board. The board has an IXPE deck and Crocodile skin body that requires no waxing. This is due to the specially designed texture of the board. It is constructed with double reinforced epoxy sealed stringers and has a fiberglass internal core which provides the board with some much needed durability.



  • 6 Ounce Internal Core.
  • 60 Liter Volume
  • Body dimensions are 7’2” x 22.8″ x 3.2″
  • Board itself weighs around 18 lbs or 8 kgs
  • Maximum rider weight is 210 lbs or 95 kgs
  • No Waxing Needed

Who makes the Raystreak 7’2” Soft Top Surfboard?

A relatively underrated company, Raystreak is known for it’s hard, durable and reliable surfboards. What their product lacks in flexibility, they make up for it with excellent construction and heavy duty design.

  • Durable and Tough

  • No Waxing Needed

  • Good Entry Level Board

  • Anti-Scratch Material

  • Excess Weight Lessens Maneuverability


South Bay Board Co. 6′ Guppy Softboard

South Bay Board Co. 6’ Guppy Softboard is one of the best foam surfboards out there on the market, period. The Guppy gives you everything and more you can expect from an entry level board at a very reasonable price point. A rounded nose and a wide chest area gives your child greater stability while the deck texture ensures easy waxing. This great surfboard for kids also comes with two stringers for extra stiffness and three round edge fins. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) construction means the board is very light and your kids will have no problems carrying it.




  •         40 liter Volume
  •         Board Dimensions 72″ x 21″ x 3″
  •         21 Inch Chest Area
  •         Supports Surfers Up to 100 lbs or 45 kgs
  •         EPS Foam Core
  •         2 Wooden Stringers
  •         3 Round Edge Fins and Fin Screws
  •         6 Foot Leash and an
  •         EZ Carry Handle

Who makes the South Bay Board Co. 6’ Guppy Softboard?

The 6’ Guppy comes from the house of the South Bay Board Co based in Los Angeles, California. Being a family owned beach and board company, they claim that every part of the surfboards they produce are custom designed for their models. This means your surfboard will be made with care and they have an excellent track record of customer service as proof of that!

  • Fun design

  • 6 inch leash

  • Handle in Deck for Easier Grip

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Heat Lamination Against Wear and Tear   

  • Deck Dents Easily

  • Packaging Issues



How To Pick A Good Surfboard For Kids

While there is no one perfect surfboard for kids, there are certain factors that should always be taken into consideration while picking any surfboard for kids. With hundreds of small details to be taken into consideration, the entire process might get a bit confusing, so here are a few key things to watch out for:

Design and shape:  While not as important in choosing surfboards for adults, an attractive design becomes THE most important factor while choosing a good board for your child. While design is more personal preference, most kids like vibrant colors and funky shapes

Leashes: Leashes are the small ropey things that keep your kid attached to the board. If your child is just starting out, it is a good idea to get another leash as a spare that is extra durable as this provides extra safety during tumbles and rough waves.

Stringers: Stringers run the length of the board and gives it some much needed stiffness that helps it maintain it’s shape. Some materials are better than others, but it comes down to which one gives you a better feeling.

Surfboard for Kids FAQs:

Should I choose a softboard or traditional board?

While buying for a child, it is always a good idea to go for a foamie or a soft top surfboard. This is because softboards are very comfortable and help your child settle into the board more easily. Foamies are extremely light, durable and safe for amateurs just starting out, or more advanced surfers looking for a chill weekend.

What is an optimal surfboard budget?

As you surf through Amazon or your local Walmart, you’ll notice that there are boards available for every budget that will easily cater to your needs. The price of boards depends on a variety of things- material, construction, finish, brand value etc. However, it is always a good idea to start out with a mid range board as this will help your child shift to another board for comfort without breaking the bank.

What size of board should I pick for my child?

This is another question that has very few concrete answers. For children who are 5 and under, it is a good idea to get a hybrid surfboard for kids as this will help ease them into the sport without stressing them out. As for longer boards, it is recommended that with experience, board size be increased.


Final Thoughts

The world of surfing is a magical one. There is no greater feeling than gliding through the sea on a surfboard that you have truly bonded with. The purpose of a starter board is to introduce your child to this awesome sport. However, it is important to remember that no one became Kelly Slater overnight and wipeouts will happen. Remember to teach your child basic safety guidelines before letting them loose into the water. Take a look at our Surf Accessories list which is the most comprehensive surfing accessories list, with recommendations,  ever compiled. We wanted to make sure that you have all the accessories you need to make your surfing experience the best it can be.

Surfing is about fun, chilling and having a good time above everything else. Ease your kid into this and you’ll have the best surfing companion possible in no time. And for you kids out there, remember to just ENJOY!