Surfing isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle! If you want to be the best surfer you can be or want to enjoy surfing as much as possible then you need the best surf accessories.

We’ve created the most comprehensive list, with recommendations, of all the surf accessories you’ll ever need. Here are the best 30 surfing accessories for beginner, intermediate & advanced surfers:


 Surfboard Wax

Surfboard wax is one of the most important surf accessories & is specially formulated to allow you to have the best surfing experience possible by stopping you from slipping & sliding on your surfboard. Grip is important when you’re paddling out into the surf and really really important when you are standing on your surfboard while surfing a wave or doing tricks. Surfboard wax lets you maintain the grip you need to have the most enjoyable surfing experience. You might think that any surfboard wax will do, but using the right wax can make all the difference. Different surfboard wax manufacturers use various materials for different purposes, so see which wax work best for you. Here are some of our surfboard wax recommendations:


Surf Wax Comb

A surf wax comb is a very simple, easy to use surfing tool which should be in any surfers bag. A surf wax comb is used to scrape off old surfing wax before applying new surf wax on your surfboard. It’s important to clean your surfboard before applying new surfboard wax, so this tool makes it easier to clean your surfboard. If you don’t have new surfboard wax at hand then the surf wax comb can also be used to roughen up the wax that’s on your board to give you more traction. Here are the best surf wax combs that we recommend:

Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins are crucial surf accessories as they help the surfer maneuver his surfboard and maximize his enjoyment. There are 2 types of surfboard fins, glassed in & swappable/removable fins. Glassed in fins are built into the surfboard when it’s made. These have their advantages, but are not easily replaced when damaged. We will give recommendations of the best swappable or removable surfboard fins. These are fins that can be easily removed & replaced when damaged. Here are the best swappable fins on the market:


Surfboard Fin Screws

Surfboard fins are held in place by screws. Unfortunately these screws get rusted, stripped or get lost. When that happens you need to get replacement fin screws. Here are our recommendations one of the simplest surf accessories, lowly fin screws:


Surfboard Leash

Surfboard leashes were introduced in the 1970’s and are probably one of the most important surf accessories you can own. The purpose of surfboard leashes is to keep the surfer connected to his surfboard. A surfboard leash is basically a rope attached to the surfboard on one end & attached to the surfer on the other end by strapping the rope to the surfer’s ankle. Surfboard leashes serve 2 important purposes.

Firstly, if you lose control of your surfboard, by for example wiping out, then your surfboard will not be washed onto the beach or rocks which would result in inconvenience for you & possible damage to your surfboard. Secondly, your surfboard acts as a flotation device so if it’s attached to you at all times then you’ll never be stranded in the ocean having to tread water to prevent drowning. There are many things to consider when choosing a surfboard leash, but the general rule of thumb is that you choose the same length leash as the length of your surfboard. We’ve made things a bit easir for your to choose the right surfboard leash by giving a few surfboard leash recommendations:

Surfboard Traction Pads

Surfboard traction pads are another important surfing accessory that every surfer should have. Surfers sometimes call them stomp or deck pads, but the main reason why a surfboard traction pad is important is that they make sure that your foot stays on the back of your surfboard when you push through turns. Another reason surfboard traction pads help your surfing skills progress in a positive way is that it helps you feel where your foot is in relation to your surfboard. This helps you adjust your foot placement as you’re doing whatever you’re trying to do on the wave. Take a look at our recommendations of the best surfboard traction pads:


Surfboard Repair Kits

Surfboard repair kits are another vital surfing accessory that needs to be in a surfer’s bag. Fixing dings in your surfboard is quite easy, so if you thought that you need to be an expert surfboard shaper to fix dings then you’re seriously mistaken. The biggest problem with leaving small cracks in your surfboard unchecked is that water, grains of sand, salt & even humidity can open the door to seriously damaging your favorite surfboard. It’s important to remember to choose the correct surfboard repair kit based on the material that your surfboard is made of.

Fixing a ding can take just a few minutes with a good quality surfboard repair kit, so here are some of our recommendations for the best surfboard repair kits:


Surfboard Paint Pens

Surfboard paint pens are an easy, cheap way of adding color and a bit of fun to your surfboard. If you want a serious makeover for your surfboard you can paint it, but paint pens are just so much easier. This is not an essential surfing accessory, but those surfers who want to make their surfboard unique this is a great way to do it. Here are our recommendations for the best surfboard paint pens:


Surfboard Bag

Your surfboard was your biggest investment when you decided to take up surfing as a sport. Unless you’re lucky enough to live on the beach you’ll need to transport your surfboard to & from your surfing beach. The best way to keep your surfboard safe is to have a good quality surfboard bag to store it in. Help prevent dings when loading your surfboard into your car or even when you’re carrying it through doorways when leaving your home. Take a look at our recommendations for the best surfboard bags:


Surfboard Sock

A surfboard sock serves a similar purpose to a surfboard bag, but is a cheaper option if cost is an issue. A surfboard sock will not provide as much protection to your surfboard as a surfboard bag, but it will prevent those irritating little dings when you bump your board while transporting it to the beach. It will also protect your surfboard from the sun’s UV rays which turn a white surfboard yellow over time. Here are our recommendations of the best surfboard socks:


Surfboard Travel Bag

Whether you’re going away for a surfing weekend or taking a year long surfing sabbatical to travel to the world’s best surfing spots, it’s really important that your favorite surfboards reach the destinations undamaged. A good surfboard travel bag is a padded surfboard bag which can hold multiple surfboards safely & securely no matter what mode of transport you’re using. Investing in a quality surfboard travel bag will ensure that you don’t get to your destination only to discover that you don’t have a surfboard because yours has been damaged in transit. Here are our recommendations of the best surfboard travel bags:


Surfing Backpack

A surfing backpack is one of those important surf accessories that you don’t realize is important until you have one. You get different types of surfing backpacks & personal needs determine the type that you choose. You can choose a basic backpack which is used to place your belongings in while you’re in the water surfing. Alternatively you might need a larger backpack to carry all your surfing gear while trekking through a jungle to get to a secret surfing spot.  A good waterproof surfing backpack not only protects your gear from rain or sea water, it can also be used to place your wet wetsuit in. Here are our recommendations of the best surfing backpacks, including some good quality waterproof surfing backpacks:


Best Surfing Wetsuit

The best surfing wetsuit is one that keeps you warm while surfing in cold water. Most surfers don’t have the good fortune of being able to surf in warm water year round. Some surfing spots have cold water all year long, while others have cold water during the winter months. Wetsuits mean that surfers can surf in comfort even when the water is cold. A good quality surfing wetsuit is really important, so here is our recommendations of the best surfing wetsuits:


Best Surfing Boots

In icy cold water it means that the best surfing wetsuits need the best surfing boots, also known as booties. Surfing booties are like wetsuits for your feet and ensure that your feet keep warm when the water is cold. Another important reason for having surfing booties is that some surfing spots have jagged edged rocks or spiny sea creatures that you might stand on. Good quality surfing boots help protect your feet from being cut, grazed or worse. Here are teh best surfing boots recommendations:

Wetsuit Hoods

Surfing wetsuit hoods are like wetsuits for your head, neck & face which protects you from the cold water while you’re surfing. It’s usually only worn in icy cold water, but it comes down to personal preference. Some people cope better in cold water than others, so there’s no particular temperature that the water needs to drop to before you need to wear a surfing wetsuit hood. Here are our recommendations for the best surfing wetsuit hoods:


Surfing Gloves

There are 2 types of surfing gloves which are designed to improve your surfing experience. The first type of surfing glove is known as webbed surfing gloves. Webbed surfing gloves are designed so that a surfer who wears a pair of these gloves actually has webbed hands which help them to propel through the water when paddling. The second type of surfing gloves is designed to keep a surfers hands warm when surfing in cold water. It’s basically a wetsuit for your hands. Some webbed surfing gloves can keep your hands warm to a certain degree, but that isn’t their main purpose. Here are our recommendations for the best surfing gloves: